Awkward Progress Pictures (2nd Month)

I can’t believe how quickly these past couple of months have gone by. When I started this journey back in November it felt like an impossible task to do, considering that the holiday season was upon us. But now, the holidays have come and gone and we are now in a new year, full of new opportunities to take and obstacles to conquer.

The first month in my journey was really successful, more so than I could’ve imagined loosing about 21 lbs total. I was determined to to loose some weight before taking some time off to be with my family and friends in Puerto Rico so I wouldn’t have to listen to my mom and my grandmother telling me how fat I was and so I could fit better in my clothes. It is so hard finding clothes that fit and look nice on you when you’re over a certain (but that’s a topic to discuss another time). The holiday’s were a success, mission accomplished, now it was time to get back on track. I am very happy with my progress these past couple of weeks even though this week it’s been a little slow with the crazy weather we’ve been having here in Texas and with work keeping me super busy.

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Freezing cold outside…

Texas is generally NOT a very cold place. Winters for us are usually pretty mild when compared to states further north, and very rarely have days when temperatures fall below freezing point. This winter has been extremely cold for many, we even got some snow down here which apparently had not happened in 10 years or so. Thankfully we were in Puerto Rico enjoying the warm weather when that happened and I thought that would all be behind us after we got back. But boy was I wrong.

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Getting back on track after the Holidays

Today’s Friday and that marks a full week since we returned from our vacations. It’s been a tough week, lots of catching up to do at work with dozens if not hundreds of emails to go through and reply to and following up on pending jobs from last month so I haven’t had as much time to write as I would’ve liked. The house is a mess, luggage is still unpacked which would normally drive my partner crazy, however given the fact that he’s been super busy at work too so I haven’t gotten “the look” yet. I still may get it this weekend if I keep procrastinating.

Even though I’ve been busy at work and as part of my 2018 New Year’s resolutions I did manage to cook pretty much every night this week, except on Tuesday when we went over to my in-laws house to celebrate my father in law’s birthday. I did have a couple of pieces of fried chicken (yum) and a slice of homemade carrot cake and I regret NOTHING.  It was all delicious and we had a fun evening so to me that’s a win. The rest of the week I tried different healthy recipes that were all excellent, my favorite being these baked shrimp taquitos from the skinnytaste website. I love shrimp and this recipe is really easy to make and most importantly they taste delicious. I wish I had taken some pictures of it.  Continue reading “Getting back on track after the Holidays”

Holiday Recap (Did I fall off the bandwagon?)

The 2017 Holiday season has now come to an end, or at least they have for me. In Puerto Rico the Christmas celebrations will continue for a few more weeks until the end of “Las Octavitas”. For us is now time to get back to work and our dogs and normal routine. Coming back after spending time with my parents and the rest of my family and friends is never easy (not even after 10 years of living away from them) but I am so thankful that we are able to visit and spent these precious time together.

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Healthy eating while on Puerto Rico (can I make it?)

Christmas in Puerto Rico is a big deal, much bigger than people who were not born here imagine. Navidad (Christmas) is when we experience the best of Puerto Rican culture. Nowhere else is Christmas celebrated like in my little island. Navidad is the time of tradition, family, aguinaldos and villancicos (Christmas songs) and parrandas (louder and funer version of Chirstmas caroling), when  friends gather late in the evening (after 10pm) and visit different houses to “surprise” and wake them up with the loud music and singing of the ‘parranderos’ (those taking part in the ‘parranda’). Traditionally these are supposed to be a surprise but most people have ‘arranged’ that they will be visited; because the custom is that when you’ve been ‘woken up’ you have to join in the parranda so it grows during the evening as more people join in! The fun can last all night, finishing at dawn!

Christmas celebrations in Puerto Rico begin very early in December and do not stop on December 25th. The celebrations can continue into the middle of January if you consider the ”octavitas”. The big Christmas celebrations are; December 24 – Nochebuena; December 25 – Navidad; December 31 – Despedida de Año; and the biggest and most important of all for the children, of course, el Día de Reyes (Three Kings Day) on January 6th.

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Awkward progress pictures (1st Month)

So I finally took some progress pictures. I know it’s only been a little over a month and that it may not look like a lot but I really do feel like my body has changed a bit. Definitely feel like my belly has gone down and it makes me feel a little bit more confident, even though it’s still embarrassing to show these.

I put together two slide shows below with some front, side and back pictures side by side for comparison.  Hopefully I’ll get better at these as I move forward.

Let me know what you think afterwards.

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Weekly Weigh In: First Milestone

I was worried after having drank a little too much this past weekend and taking Sunday off to recharge batteries that this week was going to be a slow one. Monday came and I was so busy at work that by the time I was free to workout it was very late so I just did some light cardio at home before calling it a night. Tuesday was just as busy and I had to miss my training session at the gym that day since I had a last minute meeting to attend, so again that put a kink in my plans. Now, I usually weigh in on Tuesday mornings but seeing that the past few days had not been exactly the best I knew I’d probably wouldn’t see much if any progress at all so even though I did weigh myself that morning I decided not to “trust” that weight (even though it showed a 2lb loss) as I felt that my body was still working out the extra food and drinks I had consumed that previous weekend.  Weighed myself again today (Friday) after a staying on track for the rest of the week and I couldn’t have been more excited after seeing the results.

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What I’ve learned in the first month of my lifestyle change.

The day I decided that enough was enough and embarked on this lifestyle change of mine, it was probably an all time low with respect to how I felt both physically and emotionally.  As I mentioned on a previous post, I was struggling with low self esteem and feeling like people, especially my customers would judge me because of the way I looked. On top of that, I was also struggling with feeling tired ALL of the time, no energy whatsoever so even the most basics of things would tire me out or leave me without breath. Going to the grocery store, or to the mall, or any activity that required me to stay on my feet for an extended period of time would result in me feeling like I walked around with a knife stuck on each heel by the time we got home. My blood pressure is fine, same with my blood sugar and while my cholesterol and triglycerides were borderline, they were still fine so I really couldn’t say my health was rapidly deteriorating, yet I felt terrible all the time. I’m in my mid 30s now, which isn’t really that old, but it is old enough to know that I couldn’t keep going the way I was before it would be too late. So, while I’d like to say that there was a very deep and meaningful reason behind my decision to change my habits,  the reality is that I just want to look better and not feel like shit all the time.

Change, is hard, really, really hard given the kinds of things I like and the kind of work I do where I’m eating out all of the time. Asking for water instead of a coke proved to be very challenging as stupid as that may sound, and everyone who knows me and my baked goods addiction will know how much I’ve struggle not to buy cookies or cupcakes on the weekends. But I will say that once I got into the habit of making better choices, rather than buying on impulse, it suddenly became easier to walk by the cookie aisle or the bakery section at the supermarket and not feel that temptation. I also like that making these new choices made me feel good about myself.  Yes, I still like sweets, and it’s not like I have not had any “treats” this past month, but overall I feel great about the kind of food I’ve been eating.

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Holiday Party Survival Guide: Staying on track or falling of the bandwagon?

This past weekend was a very eventful three days. Not a typical weekend for us that’s for sure. My company Christmas party was held this past Friday, and while I wasn’t particularly excited to attend I have to say that we spent a really good time when it was all said and done. The following evening, we went to dinner at a popular Mexican chain food restaurant to celebrate my sister in law’s birthday and afterwards went to another holiday party at a friend’s house. We also were invited to another holiday gathering on Sunday evening which we decided not to attend since we were pretty much burned out after the last two days and I realized I had some work reports to do for Monday morning.

All in all, it was a great weekend but for someone that has recently embarked on a journey to reinvent himself it was torture. On the one side, I made it through without binge eating everything in sight as I would normally have done (including the delicious chips and salsa at the Mexican restaurant which was hard as hell). On the other side, I completely failed at moderating my alcohol intake, which is a habit that needs to be modified if I am to continue seeing progress throughout this holiday season.

Now that I know what doesn’t work for me, here are some things I learned that will help keep me on track and still be able to enjoy myself.

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Starting Weight Review and Update:12/5/2017

So it’s been now a little over three weeks since I began this new journey and I have been a little apprehensive about posting about my weight besides a mention of it on my first post because I’m still somewhat embarrassed about it. I still can’t believe I let myself get to this point.

Officially, I began my “diet”, and I use that term loosely because it’s not really a diet and more of an overall lifestyle change; on November 13, 2017. I had just gotten home from a work trip a few days before and was feeling particularly tired and irritable that weekend when I decided enough is enough. I started researching some local gyms to go to and started looking into some healthy cooking/eating websites and cookbooks that could help me fix my eating habits which I knew is my biggest downfall. I also decided to finally quit smoking, which I should’ve done a long time ago

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